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Stable long-term individual Investment plan​

  • No high risk invests
  • Only time-tested solutions
  • We invest all our earnings and invested time into our projects


Beginner plan

start now with investing!
$ 100 1 month
  • 9% profit per year
  • 0.75$ monthly payouts
  • secured and long-term investments

Intermediate plan

upgrade your investment strategy!
$ 300 3 months
  • 10% profit per year
  • 2.50$ monthly payouts
  • secured and long-term investments

Advanced plan

optimize your cash flow!
$ 500 5 months
  • 11% profit per year
  • 4.58$ monthly payouts
  • secured and long-term investments

Perfect plan

get the ultimate pro!​
$ 1,000 10 months
  • 12% profit per year
  • 10.00$ monthly payouts
  • secured and long-term investments


$ 3,000 1 year
  • 14% profit per year
  • 420.00$ total profit
  • 35,00$ monthly payouts
  • secured and long-term investments


$ 5,000 2 years
  • 15% profit per year
  • 1,500.00$ total profit
  • 62,50$ monthly payouts
  • secured and long-term investments


$ 10,000 3 years
  • 16% profit per year
  • 4,800.00$ total profit
  • 133,33$ monthly payouts
  • secured and long-term investments


$ 30,000 4 years
  • 18% profit per year
  • 21,600.00$ total profit
  • 133,33$ monthly payouts
  • secured and long-term investments


$ 50,000 5 years
  • 20% profit per year
  • 50,000.00$ total profit
  • 833,33$ monthly payouts
  • secured and long-term investments

About us

We are a team of experienced people who have worked for many years for other people and their business. But it’s time to create your own project! Therefore, we have created a platform to attract international private investors and with the help of funds we will expand existing business projects and build new ones.
Where are we?
Ukraine, where now is the time for long-term investment for small business and large investment for large business with protection from the state and the president.
What exactly do we do?
The main direction at the moment is drop shipping of equipment for video surveillance and solar power plants and their installation. Also the whole range of computer components, laptops and tablets.
A separate area – GPU mining, which since the beginning of 2020 and to this day brings the most profit.
Part of the return on investment, which we also earn with you, is planned to spend on the purchase of land for new projects.
Why is it safe?
Every penny we invest in projects is supported by available goods or land. Therefore, even with the worst schedules, we can always sell it and return the money to investors.

Good luck in your endeavors and successes!


All money with each invest packet go for a specific task. For example:
  • Buy GPU for mining
  • Buy solar panels for solar power plants
  • Development and sale of video surveillance system and equipment
  • House building and reconstruct
  • Buy land for future powerplants

Yes, all terms of using any part of this website are in TERMS OF SERVICE page. Please read it or contact support with your questions.

Because its real not virtual projects and business. We use all the projects yourself and invest in it too. I hope the feedback from real people will help you trust us.

The team has 20 years of experience in various areas of business. All profit for each project is calculated. From low to high and this allows us to make profit forecasts.

Balance money is accrued daily based on the annual% of your investment plan. After the expiration of the specified period (month, quarter, year) you will be able to withdraw the accrued interest for payment.

For example:
Invest Plan – Perfect
Minimum Invest Period – 10 month

Invest Sum – $ 1000
Percent per year – 10%
Payment period – Month
Every month you can withdraw $ 93.33
After 10 month you can withdraw your invests – $ 1000 or continue invest for next period – 10 month and again earn $ 93.33 every month
You can reinvest all earnings and start new period of invests.

Payment method we select for each client individually. But prefer Direct Bank Transfer.

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