We are a team of experienced people who have worked for many years for other people and their business. But it’s time to create your own project! Therefore, we have created a platform to attract international private investors and with the help of funds we will expand existing business projects and build new ones.
Where are we?
Ukraine, where now is the time for long-term investment for small business and large investment for large business with protection from the state and the president.
What exactly do we do?
The main direction at the moment is drop shipping of equipment for video surveillance and solar power plants and their installation. Also the whole range of computer components, laptops and tablets.
A separate area — GPU mining, which since the beginning of 2020 and to this day brings the most profit.
Part of the return on investment, which we also earn with you, is planned to spend on the purchase of land for new projects.
Why is it safe?
Every penny we invest in projects is supported by available goods or land. Therefore, even with the worst schedules, we can always sell it and return the money to investors.
Good luck in your endeavors and successes!